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What UBot Studio can do:[edit]

  • Create and manage hundreds of blogs simultaneously
  • Create accounts on every social network on the web with just the click of a button
  • Post status updates and blog posts to every one of those networks simultaneously
  • Trick web pages into thinking you’re visiting them – when you really aren’t!
  • Upload videos to every video site on the web
  • Do research on finding the best keywords and niches
  • Build super-smart, customized, artificially-intelligent bots without any programming skills, while your competitors pay thousands for outsourced hunks-of-junk
  • Automatically manage site administration on places like wordpress, cpanel, blogger, tumblr, pinterest, and more
  • Automate messaging, account creation, blogging, uploading, and networking
  • Post articles to all the major article sites AND places that your competitors have never even heard of
  • Add bookmarks to any site you need, instantly
  • Access our UBot Underground forum with 30,000+ posts from successful customers
  • Ask our experienced, highly-paid support team any question about building your bot or making money and get a quick, respectful, thought-out answer!
  • Create thousands, or tens of thousands of backlinks quickly
  • Create “link wheels” to boost your backlink effectiveness
  • Make your own software that does what no other software can do for you
  • Add friends, join groups, and be a regular social butterfly on hundreds of sites!
  • Post classified ads on every classified site on the web.
  • Scrape proxies, site rankings, content, or anything else on any website
  • Track page ranks, analytics data, and adwords data
  • Build a bot to OWN any forum, social network, affiliate site, classified site – ANY SITE.
  • Create a whole marketing machine for yourself or clients!
  • Create standalone bots to sell to others (many of our customers create an entire business around this)

You can make a bot that…

  • Installs a program on your server
  • Takes a database stored on your computer and moves it into MySQL on your server
  • Uploads videos to video sites without using Javascript
  • Does routine maintenance on your cpanel server
  • Attaches an incoming (intro) and outgoing (outro) audio to an audio file, then do it for all the audio files in that folder…or group of folders…or entire drive!
  • Puts a logo/branding video on the front and back of a group of videos
  • Takes a bunch of private label Word documents and inserts your affiliate links as hyperlinks for your keyword phrases
  • Strip extraneous html commands out of html files created with Word
  • Take a folder of images, open your favorite graphics program (like Photoshop) and attach your watermark, logo or affiliate link to each
  • Take a group of videos in a folder and assemble them in different order, thereby creating different videos, which are then uploaded. For example, let’s say you have 5 video segments that work no matter what order they are in. By assembling them in different orders you can generate 120 different videos. To do this you need to open a video editor, arrange the sequence, save it and upload the video, then repeat for the next sequence. And you probably want to delete the video once it’s been uploaded. You can now automate this entire procedure with the new version 5 of UBot Studio because you now have access to Windows as well as browser automation.

What’s Your Idea?[edit]

Here are some possibilities to stir your imagination:

  • Video Uploader
  • Social Bookmarking
  • SEO Management
  • Keyword Research
  • Account Creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Site Change Alert
  • News Update Alert
  • Content Scraping
  • PPC Bid Management
  • Domain Research
  • Market Research
  • Blog Comment Posting
  • Script Installer
  • Content Spinning
  • Article Submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Social Networking
  • Link-wheel Builder
  • ...and hundreds more.

Don’t know what to build?

Visit our Network and see what others are building, and what they need: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum