The Regex Editor

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This feature can be found in the Menu Bar of UBot Studio in the View Menu.

The Regex Editor is a feature within UBot Studio that allows you to test regular expression before using it in other commands and functions in UBot Studio.

The feature comes with a reference guide that provides definitions for each form of regex.


To select regex from the list provided within the Regex editor, simply double click to add it to the regex being built.


The large bottom right area is where the items the regex will be tested against.

In this case, our test items are:

123 abc

The regex \w is being used to find specific items in the test items.

When \w is selected in the Regex Editor, the definition appears in the bottom left portion of the regex editor which give us the definition of the regex:

Matches any word character (alphanumeric and underscore).

Simply double click the desired regex to add it to the regex being edited in the Regex editor.

When matches are found within the test items, the amount of matches will appear next to the blue arrows at the bottom portion of the Regex editor, next to the word matches.


To use the finished regex, simply copy and paste the regex into any command or function that uses regex.