The Anatomy of UBot Studio

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Title Bar[edit]

The title bar simply displays the name of the software, UBot Studio, and the edition of UBot Studio the license holder has.

In this Example, the title bar displays "UBot Studio Developer Edition".

Double Clicking the title bar will allow you to minimize and resize the UBot Studio program on your desktop.


Menu Bar[edit]

The menu bar contains the following items:

File Menu: You can open a new bot project, save your current bot project, compile, or exit the program through this menu.


Edit Menu: Provide options for collapsing, collapsing all top level nodes, opening the Search Box for the tool box, and expanding nodes in the scripting area.


View Menu: Provides options to allow you move between the tool box and the bot bank. Also allows you to switch between code view and node view. The Debugger and the Web Inspector are also located in the View menu.


Bot Menu: This menu contains only one bot property. It allows you to determine the delimiter of tables within your script.


Tools Menu: This menu provides options for adding plugins to UBot Studio, setting up a captcha service within your script and changing various options in UBot Studio ( general options, bot bank options, switching browsers and setting up your default form fields).


Help Menu: The help menu provides information about the software and which version the license holder is currently using. It also provides a script reference, access to the forum, the option to check to see if updates for UBot Studio are currently available and the option to install flash if needed.


Tool Bar[edit]

The tool bar contains the following buttons:

Bot Bank Button: Clicking the button will display or hide the Bot Bank.

ToolBox Button: Clicking the button will display or hide the ToolBox.

Search Box: Searches the toolbox for a specified command for function.

Code View Button: Changes the scripting area from Node View to Code View.

Run on Schedule: Clicking the button will bring up a calender where you can schedule your bots to run on specified dates.

Run Button: Runs the script.

Pause Button: Pauses the script. Running a script after pressing the pause button will resume the process from the command the pause occurred on.

Stop Button: Stops the script.

Step Button: Steps through the script, one command at a time.

Start Recording Button: Clicking the button will record all form filling and clicking movements in the UBot Browser.


Tool Box[edit]

The toolbox displays a list of all the commands and functions in UBot Studio. The toolbox also lists variables, lists and tables, custom functions, and custom commands.


The Bot Bank[edit]

The bot bank lists all the user contributed scripts and commands for various website on the web.


New Script Button[edit]

The New Script Button will create a new script in a new tab. The scripts can be named or left untitled.


Display All Tabs Button[edit]

This button will display a menu with all the created tabs listed by name.


Scripting Area[edit]

The scripting area is where commands and functions are placed to create a script, which can then be run or compile to create a bot.


In the Professional and Developer Editions, you will be able to switch to code view.



The browser allows interaction between the commands and functions, and the webpage being automated. Unlike normal browsers, right clicking an object in the browser will display a right click menu that allows you to interact with the object through clicking, navigating, scraping the object and more!


Scroll Bar[edit]

The scroll bar is used to scroll through webpages.


Address Bar[edit]

Allows navigation to a specified url, as well as moving forward or backward on a webpage.


Script Tab[edit]

The script contains all the commands and functions that come together to create a bot. It can be named or left untitled. There can be multiple tabs within one compiled bot.


UBot Studio Hot Keys[edit]

What are hot keys?

A hot key is combination of keys that allows quick access to a certain functionalities within a program.

UBot Studio comes equipped with hot keys that allow the end user to work within the software quickly and easily.

Use these simple hot keys to quickly switch between node view and code view, display the bot bank, display the debugger and more!

F5: Runs the UBot Script.

CTRL + B: Displays and allows easy access to the Bot Bank

CTRL + D: Hides or Displays the UBot Studio Debugger

CTRL + E: Focuses into the Search Box for quick access to all the commands and parameters within UBot Studio

CTRL + I: Toggles between Code View and Node View

CTRL + N: Creates new Script

CTRL + O: Opens an existing script

CTRL + P: Switches focus to the node window

Arrow Down: Selects the next node within a script

Arrow UP: Selects the previous node within a script

Arrow Left: Selects a node's parent

Arrow Right: Selects a node's child

CTRL + R: Refreshes the Browser

CTRL + S: Saves a script.

CTRL + T: Displays the UBot Studio ToolBox

CTRL + W: Closes UBot Studio. UBot Studio will prompt to save an edited or created project.