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The Text Functions are designed for manipulating, trimming and removal of unwanted elements from specified content in lists, variables or tables.


List of Text Functions[edit]

  • Spin: Returns a spun version of a given text
  • Replace: Returns the original text with all instances of the search text replaced by the replace text
  • Trim: Returns the text with all leading or trailing blank spaces removed
  • Substring: Returns the specified part of an original string
  • Random Text: Returns a random alpha numeric string of user define length, including upper and lowercase text.
  • Pad Text: Returns a new string that is padded with a character
  • Insert Text: Returns the original text with another piece of text inserted at a specified position
  • Find Index: Returns the index of a piece of text with the original text
  • Append Line to Text: Returns the original text with a new line of text appended at the end of the original text