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Below is a list of all the Paid and Free plugins created by our inventive UBot community as well as built in plugins created by the UBot Studio Development Team.

UBot Studio Built In Plugins[edit]

  • Windows Commands for PC and Windows automation outside of the browser window.
  • Database Commands for interacting directly with MySQL Databases. (MySQL is the most popular open source database software, used to organize everything from customer data to web pages. This means that if you have a website, with customer data, for example, you could interact with the back-end of it directly using UBot Studio).
  • Table Commands is an expansion of our original Data Commands and Data Functions.
  • *Socket Commands and Socket Functions are still in beta.
  • FTP Commands Built for accessing and modifying FTP files and folders.

Free User-Made Plugins[edit]


Building Plugins[edit]

Please see the Plugin Development page for more information.