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This article will go over guidelines that should apply to every article written for this wiki.

Explaining Concepts[edit]

When explaining concepts in your articles, write in a way that will be easily understood by everyone, even if they are a novice with UBot Studio and automation. Be sure to explain things in their full context. Remember that people do not necessarily know what you know, and they might not be thinking the same things you're thinking.

If you need to build on top of other concepts that are not explained or defined in your article, make sure the concept links to an article that provides further explanation. It is ok if the article doesn't exist yet.

Write with minimalism in mind. While you need to explain ideas in their full breadth, use as few words as possible to do so. Simple and concise beats complicated and wordy.

Where to Use Links[edit]

Links should be made to any concept or idea (ie, Loop) that has a page, and any concept or idea that does not already exist as a page should have a page created. The link is only necessary the first time the word or phrase is used in the article.

Documenting Commands and Functions[edit]

All entries explaining commands or functions should contain subsections:

  1. A general summary. This will appear under the main article title. This should start out by saying which command/function group the command/function belongs to.
  2. An example use of the command. Ideally, this will contain both code from the code view and an image of the visual editor. Make the examples as simple as possible while effectively demonstrating the command/function's proper use.
  3. Additional Information. In this section you will put additional information that will aid in the user's understanding of the command. This could include external links, videos, or further reading materials from forums, websites, or other valid sources.