FTP Folder Exists

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This is an FTP Function

This function will check if a folder exists on the connected FTP server.

It will return "true" if the folder exists and return "false" if it does not.

The FTP Folder Exists function can be used in any command in UBot Studio, as along as the command is in the Connect to FTP Server command.

plugin command("FTPCommands.dll", "connect to ftp server", "FTP", "ftp.mysite.org", 21, "myusername", "p4ssw0rd", " /var/www/mysite.com/files") {
    set(#folder exists, $plugin function("FTPCommands.dll", "$ftp folder exists", "myfolder"), "Global")

In the example above, the ftp folder exists function has been placed inside the Set command. The Set is then placed inside the Connect to FTP Server command.