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Data Functions manipulate data. Data can be represented in the form of variables, lists, and tables.


List of Data Functions[edit]

  • $list total: Returns the total number of items in a list
  • $list position: Returns the position of a specific list item
  • $random list item: Returns a randomly selected item from a list
  • $next list item: Returns the list item at the list's current position and increments the list's position (used with the set list position command)
  • $previous list item: Returns the list item at the list's current position and decrements the list's position
  • $list item: Returns a list item at a specified position
  • $read file: Returns the contents of a file
  • $list from file: Returns a list made up of each item within a file.
  • $list from text: Returns a list of items by separating the text into separate items based on a delimiter
  • $text from list: Returns text based on connecting each list item by a connector
  • $subtract lists: Returns the first list with all items from the second list removed from it (Pro and Dev Editons Only)
  • $sort lists: Returns the original list sorted in ascending or descending order (Pro and Dev Editons Only)
  • $common list items: Returns a new list containing the common items between the first and second list (Pro and Dev Editons Only)
  • $table cell: Returns the value of a table cell
  • $table total rows: Returns the number of rows in a table
  • $table total columns: Returns the number of columns in a table
  • $table search: Returns the row index or the column index where a specific string is located in a table
  • $list from table: Returns the contents of a specified row or column as list items