Connect to FTP Server

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This command is an FTP command.

It allows you to connect to an ftp server by providing connection details such as:

Connection Type: FTP, FTPS or SFTP

Server: The server being connected to. (For example

Port: The port for the server being connected to.

Username: The username for the server being connected to

Password: The password for the server being connected to

Remote Path: The remote path to the server being connected to (For example /var/www/

plugin command("FTPCommands.dll", "connect to ftp server", "FTP", "", 21, "myusername", "password1234", "/var/www/") {

After dragging the command into the scripting area, a wizard will pop up to allow you to provide the details and test the connection before connecting to the server.


The command is a container for other ftp commands.

This command connects to the FTP server, so that you can use the FTP Delete File command for example to delete a file, or the FTP Upload Folder command to Upload a folder to the FTP server.

In order for the other FTP commands to interact with the FTP server, the command must be contained within the Connect to FTP Server command.

You can place more than one FTP command within this command.