Compiling in the Standard and Professional Editions

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Compiling is the process of turning .ubot script into stand alone .exes that can run on any windows system with the required .NET framework.

The compiling process is done securely over ssl.

Clicking the Compile option in the file menu brings up options for compilation.

How to Compile and Run a Compiled Bot[edit]

1. Go File>Compile in a populated named script(For Example MyBot.ubot).

2. In the compilation window, edit the settings and click browse to choose a location and set a name for the .exe file

3. After configuring the settings for the compiled bot, click the Compile Button.

4. The compilation process is complete once the "Bot was Successfully Compiled" window appears.

5. Double click the .exe in the folder location selected to open the compiled bot.

6. Click the Run button on your compiled bot to run it.

The sample below is a simple compiled bot with a UI created with the UI editor:


The general compilation options allow you enable and disable the display of the captcha services menu.

The options also allow you to select where your compiled script will be saved to after compilation.


Compiling Options[edit]

Select No Menu to remove the captcha services option from your compiled scripts.

Select Include Services Menu to display captcha services in the compiled script and allow the end user to set up their own captcha service.

Check the box next to a tab in your script to hide it from view while the compiled script runs.

Windows Task Scheduler[edit]

The Windows Task Scheduler can be used to run compiled bots.


The /play argument will open the compiled bot and run it.

The /auto argument will open the compile bot, run it, and then close once the process is complete.