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The Browser Functions allows you to isolate elements for more refined interactions with webpages and its attributes.


List of Browser Functions[edit]

  • Solve CAPTCHA: The function will either prompt the user to type in a CAPTCHA, or send the CAPTCHA to a service to solve it
  • Page Scrape: Returns the text scraped from the correct page between two specified pieces of text
  • Scrape Attribute: Returns the value of s specified element on a selected element
  • Element Offset: If an element selected matches more than one element on a page, this allows you to return one of those elements
  • Element From Text: Converts a text representation of a selector into an actual selector
  • Url: Returns the url of the current webpage in the browser.
  • Title: Returns the title on an article.
  • Meta Keywords: Returns the meta keywords of an article in the browser.