Bot Bank Submission Guidelines

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The Bot Bank is a quick and easy way to connect with a greater scripting community. The Bot Bank is a huge library of scripts that do specific tasks on specific sites that can be used as easily as commands and functions from the toolbox. Everything in the Bot Bank has been contributed by UBot Studio users. To assure the highest quality possible for Bot Bank scripts, there are a few guidelines that are important to follow.


Websites should be named according to their domain name. For example, Google’s website should be named “”. In the case of a subdomain, include it if the subdomain is treated like a different site. For instance, “” is probably appropriate, but “” should probably be included under “”.


A Bot Bank command represents a single task to be done on a given website. Bot Bank commands should use the same naming conventions as commands and functions in plugins (link with anchor), but with one important difference. Many websites will require very similar tasks, like logging in or creating an account. We should strive for consistency across many sites by giving the same name to similar tasks across different sites. For instance, the standard name for creating an account on a website is “create account”. The standard name for logging in is “log in”. Before creating a task’s name, it will be worth the effort to look through some other websites to see if a standard already exists.


Flagging is easily as important as actually making scripts. Flagging signals to other people that a script isn’t working. If you ever use a command that doesn’t work, be sure to either immediately fix it, or flag it. To flag a script, simply right click it and click the "flag" option.