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$subtract lists is a Data Function in the Professional and Developer editions of UBot Studio.

The function returns the first list with all items from the second list removed from it

List1:The main list the second list will be subtracted from.

List2: The list being subtracted from the first list.


In this example, the contents of $my list1 is subtracted from the contents of $my list2.

add list to list(%my list1, $list from text("one,two,three,four", ","), "Delete", "Global")
add list to list(%my list2, $list from text("zero,one,two,five,six", ","), "Delete", "Global")
type text(<about me textarea>, $subtract lists(%my list1, %my list2), "Standard")


Using the type text function to fill our field with the contents of the first list with the contents of the second list removed from it.