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$next list item is a Data Function. Lists have internal position counters to keep track of where you are. This function will return the list item at the list's current position, and then increment the list's position by one. This function is the easiest way to loop through a list sequentially (from position 0 to the end of the list).

List: The desired populated list where the next list item will be pulled from.


The contents of a list is used to create alerts using the next list item function. The alert command from the flow commands is used to create an alert from each list item.

add list to list(%my list, $list from text("hello,hi,how are ya", ","), "Delete", "Global")
set list position(%my list, 0)
loop($list total(%my list)){alert($next list item(%my list))}


We are populating our list with a list created from text we typed into the list from text function. Our delimiter is the comma. We are then setting the list position with the set list position command for our list to 0 so that the list starts from the beginning each time the script is run. Our loop is set to loop according to the number of items in our list. Notice the next list item function inside the alert command. Each loop will pop up each list item from the list and stop when all list items have been shown.

Additional Information[edit]

It is important to note that you must place a set list position command just above the loop command. This allows you to loop through the list as many times as you like without the worry of exceeding the range of the list. The set list position command effectively “resets” the list back to the first position.