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list from text is a Data Function.

This function returns a list of items by separating the text into separate items based on a delimiter. Unlike the list from file function which needs a file to populate a list, this function allows you to type in your list items and designate a delimiter that sets each list item apart.

Text: The desired text being used to populated the list.

Delimiter: The delimiter for the list. (Can be any of the following and more: , . : ; " ' * etc.)


add list to list(%my list, $list from text("list item 1, list item 2,list item 3, list item 4,list item 5,list item 6", ","), "Delete", "Global")

The delimiter is the comma. The list from text function will treat each word separated by a comma as a list item.

Running the command and checking the debugger shows that each word has been designated as it's own list item.


The random list item and the next list item function can then be used to fill fields with the list items.