Need a permanent Customer Service agent for online business. Email support + daily data entry.

Posted 29 Sep 2016


Anywhere (Support)

I need a permanent customer service agent for our online business.

This will consist of two parts:

  1. Emailing a list of orders to our fulfillment center each morning.

  2. Providing customer support via email. This includes looking up tracking numbers, providing basic information on our service and editing customer accounts.

We are looking for someone with customer support experience, good grasp of English with a friendly personality.

Work times are 1-3 hours daily (as needed) with a slight increase towards the end of each month (2-5).

We are located in Japan and you need to be able to work during the morning (Japan Time). Your location is not important as long as you can work reliably during these hours.

Please note that this is a permanent position. We need someone who is available 5 days per week all year round. If you are a good fit with our company then there will of course be opportunities for extra work and advancement. Working hours: from 9:10am to 12:00am in Asia/Tokyo timezone Communication: Email